Top 10 Hottest and Most Beautiful Female Character in Game!

The gaming world is rapidly changing partly to accommodate the huge increase of gaming female selecting video games as their primary hobby, this allows for a wider representation players, as the characters and games before were centered mostly around the likes of men. Still there have always been female characters who are interesting, emotional, fun and strong, here is a list that brings you what I believe are some of the most varied and finest examples of women in gaming to this day.

Tifa Lockhart 3

03. Tifa Lockhart of Final Fantasy VII

Tifa has been named the pinup girl of the “cyber generation” by The New York Times, being compared to the likes of Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider franchise as an example of a strong, independent and attractive female character in video games. As such, whenever there is a poll involving female video game characters, Tifa is usually featured in the list. In 2004, Play featured Tifa in the first issue of their “Girls of Gaming” annual periodical, describing her as “the most adored female in recent Final Fantasy history”. viaFinal Fantasy Wiki 

Lara Croft,Tomb Raider,Top 10,Females Characters,Video Games
10. Lara Croft – Tomb Raider

Yes she’s hot. No she’s not a bimbo. This is a totally serious, totally British, Indiana Jones inspired Archeologist, who plays by her own rules and decides her own fate. Since her first appearance Lara distinguished herself from other action heroes by being super acrobatic, traversing obstacles and still keeping the femme fatale look intact. She battles wolves, dinosaurs, mercenaries, tigers, centaurs and humongous monsters with little more than two pistols and sometimes with bow and arrow skills so deadly, she can put entire armies to shame.

Chun Li,Street Fighter,Top 10,Females Characters,Video Games
9. Chun Li – Street Fighter

Chun Li is one of the most popular female characters in all of gaming and for good reason, she’s a strong street fighter and undercover international cop in a quest to kick Bison to death and avenge her father’s death. Since her debut the fighting community has rightfully bestowed this Chinese beauty the honorable title of being the “First Lady of Gaming”.

Cortana,Halo,Top 10,Females Characters,Video Games
8. Cortana – Halo

Who hasn’t wished for its very own Cortana AI? Think about it, she’s super smart, gives the best advice, good with computers and totally loyal. She’s a friend till the end kind of girl, the only downside? She’s so smart she only lasts for about 7 years, she literally thinks herself out of commission. There was only room for one Artificial Intelligence in this list and Cortana made the cut, after all this hot piece of data proved crucial to the survival of mankind, can’t really imagine Master Chief saving the galaxy with GLADOS behind him can you?

Sorceress,Dragons Crown,Top 10,Females Characters,Video Games
7. Sorceress – Dragon’s Crown

The controversial Sorceress from last year’s fantastically fun Beat em up is in this list not only because of her fighting skills and ability to resurrect the dead, but also because she will be the spokeswoman for all the hot bimbos out there, including Morrigan, the DOA girls, Eve from Soul Calibur, etc.

Yes, she is a sexual object of desire and hot as a hell but that’s what one may value about her, of course her design is terribly disproportionate and some argue it looks like drawn by a 14 year old boy, targeting exactly that kind of demographic and offending women the all around the world probably taking an over the top Japanese design way too seriously. I for one celebrate her sexual (if maybe eccentric) design, as it reminds us that this particular media is still free to create characters anyway we want them and that’s the way I like it.

Kerrigan,Starcraft,Top 10,Females Characters,Video Games
6. Kerrigan – Starcraft

Does this queen of blades have a hard life or what? Accidentally killing family with psychic powers, brutally trained from childhood, fighting her whole life against oppression, captured and consumed by the Zerg, forced to fight her ex-bf, all to end up being considered the bad guy to many. She deserves her place on this list if only to give her a break. She’s twisted, because her life is full of hardships and betrayal, and she’s ambitious if nothing else, at one point her objective was to enslave all life in the galaxy under her command and thought, that’s pretty badass. In the end she makes the right choices for mankind and while one may question her methods, it’s clear she still has a human heart underneath it all.

Bayonetta ,Top 10,Females Characters,Video Games
5. Bayonetta – Bayonetta

Bayonetta is the sassy action heroine who will snap at you for calling her a babe. She’s quite the definition of the word “Crazy”, both her fighting style and outfit are unique and creative, she fights with pistols, swords and rocket launchers attached to each limb, that’s four times the firepower, and occasionally uses her hair (which is also her clothes?) to punish the varied demons she fights.

She’s got power, skills and a severe attitude all matching her sexy accent perfectly, her game is filled with innuendo and she usually teases the player a lot but never taking it to the extreme, this is a classy witch after all. The highly anticipated sequel will be coming soon exclusively to Nintendo’s Wii U, so if you wanted an excuse to buy a new system, I’d say Bayonetta is more than enough to justify it.

Alyx Vance,Half Life 2,Top 10,Females Characters,Video Games
4. Alyx Vance – Half Life 2

Probably the smartest on the list, this scientist-hacker-shooter is one of the leaders of the resistance. A good friend (and possibly love interest) to Gordon Freeman, and most importantly, the most likable character in the series, it’s amazing the level of affection the player may develop with this girl. Half Life 2 was pioneer in technologies such as facial animation and it’s most evident when Alyx is on screen.

Admittedly she has a bit of a masculine side, but also feminine emotions and expressions, she probably is as tridimensional as a female character can get while running and fighting against the alien almighty combine. Now if only they’d release Half Life 3 so we can get more of that sweet Alyx Vance action.

Elizabeth,Bioshock Infinite,Top 10,Females Characters,Video Games
3. Elizabeth – Bioshock Infinite

It’s not that easy to describe Elizabeth in a few words, because she is way more tridimensional than many girls on this list, she’s naïve but confident, trapped but doesn’t really realize it, she loves adventure and dancing on the beach. Part of the charm is the wonder with which she sees the world around her, being trapped in a tower all her life she really has missed on all the beauty of the sky city of Columbia. She is the axis of the story, a confused heroin who would actually stand her ground if put against any male or female hero, mainly because she has the ability to manipulate reality itself, a power so big it has all sorts of heavy temporal and spatial implications that’d make Stephen Hawking’s head spin.

Samus,Metroid,Top 10,Females Characters,Video Games
2. Samus – Metroid

Interstellar Bounty Hunter Samus Aran has faced countless enemies in over 10 incredibly successful games all by herself; she has stopped entire space mafia-pirates from taking over an entire system, she survived her home and family’s destruction at age 3 and has defeated her space pterodactyl nemesis in every other game, she is the very definition of a strong independent woman that doesn’t need no man *snaps finger*, now if we could all just forget that Other M ever existed.

Zelda,The Legend of Zelda,Top 10,Females Characters,Video Games
1. Zelda – The Legend of Zelda

Of course it’s Zelda, you wanted Peach? Expected the strongest and most independent woman to make the top? Well no, for good or bad, gaming as we know it was born with the Damsel in Distress trope and Zelda proves there are ways to make it right, while Peach for example just gets captured for the sole reason of being a princess, Zelda is usually taken for being a legitimate threat to Gannon, or Evil itself, she usually knows her politics and her way around, sometimes she has fighting skills, knows her bow and arrow, telepathy, at the very least is capable enough to help Link rescue her, she even holds the triforce of wisdom, sadly though, in Hyrule, wisdom doesn’t seem to be enough to overcome Power (the one Gannon holds), one needs the Courage part too most times if one wants to stand a chance.

But actually, Zelda isn’t here because of her particular set of skills, she isn’t even the same character each game, she is at the top of the list because of what she represents in and out of the world of video games, granted, she is a Damsel in Distress, waiting for the valiant man to save her, but she turns out to be way more of an excuse to finish the quest, she IS the quest, her name is actually on the cover, the sense of rush to finally set her free to rule the kingdom, the anger one feels when she gets kidnapped, the sweet melodies are taught to us by her are experiences that can’t really be replaced. Feels as though modern tendencies want to switch her triforce from wisdom to strength or maybe independence, while I don’t mind the muscly independent woman concept, I do value the female characters who are actually feminine, she is a motivation, an inspiration of beauty and wisdom for girls all around the world, and that is what makes her the best woman in gaming today.

The virtual world of gaming is filled with dominated largely by men. There are women in the scene who are objectified in such a way that their strengths get overshadowed by their curvy bodies. However, there are some female game characters in the digital world with enough charisma, strength, bravery and talent. These girls have shown that they are much more than just well-endowed eye-candies, and have emerged as true heroines. Let’s read about some of the most powerful and popular female game characters.

1. Cortana, from Halo

Cortana, female game characters
Cortana appears in the Halo series of video games. She has been presented in the Halo: Combat Evolved and its three sequels, as well as the prequel of the game. In the game, she guides the player, i.e. Master Chief Petty Officer John 117, with backstory and tactical information, and is instrumental to the story as she prevents the installations of the life-destructive Halo. She is recognized for her believability and depth of character, besides being bodacious. She has inspired the intelligent personal assistant of Microsoft, Cortana, who has risen to fame recently by successfully predicting the outcome of all the matches of FIFA World Cup, 2014.

2. Lara Croft, from Tomb Raider

Lara Croft female game characters
Lara Croft is one of the first female gaming characters to attract widespread attention. While some applauded her for being a positive agent of change in games, others criticised her for being the wrong kind of role model for girls. But, Lara has quite a backstory. She is a British archaeologist-adventurer with a fast and athletic nature. She ventures into tombs and ruins in search of new adventures. She is a writer, too. Lara’s penchant for adventure grew after she had to spend two weeks, stranded in the Himalayas, following a plane crash. She is an expert at handling weapons, and is always dressed for a quest.

3. Chun-Li, from Street Fighter

Hot female game characters Chun-Li
Chun-Li is a female player character from the fighting game franchise called Street Fighter. The first female fighter to be introduced in the game, Chun-Li has a rich back story. She is depicted as an expert in martial arts and is an Interpol officer by profession. She is out to seek revenge for the death of her father in the hands of M. Bison, the notorious leader of the Shadaloo crime syndicate. Her playability, athleticism and backstory has won her great fan-following. She is also extremely attractive. Chun-Li is a trailblazer for female fighting characters.

4. Jill Valentine, from Resident Evil

Jill Valentine female game characters
Jill Valentine is one of the many female characters from the horror franchise, Resident Evil, but, is the only character who stands out because of her originality, intelligence, and evolution throughout the storyline. She starts out as a member of the US special unit, STARS. Her experiences include her escape from a city overrun by zombies. She founds a paramilitary organization, BSAA and is a key field operative of the organization. While she is the protagonist or co-protagonist in the majority of the series, she is also the antagonist of Resident Evil: Retribution. She is widely popular as one of the most attractive and best female game protagonists.


5. Faith Connors, from Mirror’s Edge

Faith Connors, female game characters
One of the main protagonists of the game series named Mirror’s Edge, Faith Connors is a ‘runner’ who acts as couriers, transmitting messages while evading the surveillance of the government. She is strong enough to jump between rooftops and run across walls to accomplish her mission. She is more than just body and strength: she has a political opinion, as she detests the totalitarian regime dominating the quasi-futuristic city and its dystopian society.

6. Clementine, from The Walking Dead

Clementine female game characters
Clementine is a non-playable, yet significant character in the adventure video game, The Walking Dead. She is the lead character in the sequel of the game. Contrary to most of the other heroines of the gaming world who are well-known for their sex appeal, Clementine is just a young girl who hasn’t even reached her teens, but, has won the appreciation of players for her remarkable maturity and intelligence, and her unwavering faith in what is left of humanity in a post-apocalyptic world. She is responsible for saving the protagonist, Lee Everett, who teaches her to be quite a fearless little fighter by teaching her how to wield a gun.

7. Aveline de Grandpre, from Assassin’s Creed

Aveline de Grandpre, female game characters
Aveline is an 18th Century character from the Assassin’s Creed game series. She breaks many stereotypes of the gaming world as a girl who is black and speaks French. She is born to a wealthy French merchant, and her mother is a slave of African origin. She is strong-willed assassin with the sixth sense to tell enemies from friends, recognize hiding spots and mark targets of immediate importance. She goes after Templars from New Orleans to New York. She tries to free slaves and can wield all kinds of powerful weapons. She is a free-runner, comfortable in both cityscape and natural landscape. She accomplishes all this at just 18. The video game named Liberation became was developed on the basis of her genetic memories.

8. Konoko, from Oni

Konoko, female game characters
Konoko is the player- controlled protagonist in the game named Oni. She is a TCFT agent, i.e. police officer fighting technological crime. As a symbiote, she is extremely powerful and has great strength and stamina. Orphaned at the age of 3 and raised by the World Coalition government in the dystopian world, she has a thirst to prove herself. She is an expert in hand-to-hand combat and marksmanship. But, she is overly attached to Shinatama, the manufactured organism with a human biology, which interfaced with Konoko. This attachment turns out to be her weakness. In fact, her character portrays the different emotions like sadness, happiness, anger, etc.

9. Jade, from Beyond Good & Evil

Jade, female game characters
Jade is the protagonist of the action-adventure game named Beyond Good & Evil. She is a freelance photo-journalist with a tomboyish charm, relatable personality values, all of which make her real. This girl-next-door works to rescue orphans and expose the corruptions of the government. Although she is cited as a black character, she has been officially confirmed to have no such ethnicity since the game has a backdrop of a whole other planet. Her character develops with the game, psychologically, as well as by appearance. She has been designed to be different from the seductive action females.

10. Alyx Vance, from Half-Life 2

Alyx Vance female game characters
Alyx Vance is the non-player character from Half-Life 2 and its sequels. She is a young woman of an Afro-Asian descent, and assists the player, i.e. Gordon Freeman in combats as an ally, helping and guiding the player to progress in the game. She is quick with her recovery and difficult to get killed. She is sporty, and quite skilful in shooting and climbing. She is well-educated and an expert hacker. She can also repair machines and vehicles. She has a caring and composed, and has a sense of humour. She has a vulnerable side, too, which she rarely exposes. She is instrumental in resisting the rule of the alien race called the Combine, and their human representative named Dr. Breen.

Gone are the days when Princess Peach waited to be rescued by Mario to defeat the villains and rescue her from danger. Players want to see self-sufficient, villain-slaying women. In fact, the sexism in the world of gaming has become a topic of discussion in the recent years. The subject is worth addressing, to give people of all ages and tastes the idea that girls can really rule the world, and look good while doing it.

Aya Brea

10. Aya Brea of Parasite Eve

Aya is portrayed as a strong-willed, intelligent, honest, compassionate, sensitive and kind heroine. She also tends to be pretty sarcastic, cold, and brooding, though she isn’t without a sense of humor. It can be said that she fits more into the “deadpan snarker” category. It doesn’t help that Aya has a bad habit of not being able to take people seriously sometimes, particularly when they express any sort of interest in her; she tends to brush them off. It’s easier for her to pretend that people are just being insincere most of the time. Aya can be gentle and nurturing, almost maternal — especially with children. She does like kids, regardless of the fact that she’s never had any herself and she treats Eve Brea in a caring, motherly manner. She approaches with a welcoming nature to most people. via Parasite Eve Wiki


09. Juliet of Lollipop Chainsaw

Juliet is based upon the original character that appeared in Shakespeare’s novel, Romeo and Juliet. Like her original counterpart, Juliet had a love interest that was recently conceived from only a few days ago, prior to the events of their story. The Juliet from Shakespeare’s novel had several characters who were intended to be her love interests (Romeo, Tybalt, Paris etc.). This character pokes that fact, by having several characters who are sexually or romantically attracted to her (Nick Carlyle, Swan, Junji Morikawa, etc.). The defeat of Killabilly also draws some similar parallels to the death of Shakespeare’s Juliet. Where Juliet inserts Nick to the heart of Killabilly in order to activate the Nick Bomb, Shakespeare’s Juliet takes Romeo’s dagger, and inserts it into her own heart. Both endings leave two characters deceased, except in Lollipop Chainsaw, Juliet and Nick are alive, left happily reunited, as opposed to the tragic deaths that took place from the original novel. via Lollipop Chainsaw Wiki


08. Rayne of Bloodrayne

Rayne A.K.A. BloodRayne is the main protagonist of the BloodRayne series. She is the daughter of the Nazi Vampire Kagan and an unnamed human woman, making her a Dhampir. Rayne is an Agent of the Brimstone Society, a secret organization who works to destroy all supernatural evil via Bloodrayne Wiki


07. Sonya Blade of Mortal Kombat

Lieutenant Sonya Blade, (USA) or Lt. Sonya Blade, (USA), is a female soldier who is a member of Earthrealm’s Special Forces unit known as Outer World Investigation Agency (OIA) in the Mortal Kombat fighting game series. She is one of the few original Mortal Kombat characters, debuting in the first Mortal Kombat arcade game, and was the first female character introduced in the series. via Mortal Kombat Wiki


04. Ivy Valentine of Soul Calibur

The illegitimate daughter of undead pirate Cervantes de Leon, Ivy was raised by a noble family until her father became obsessed with the cursed sword, Soul Edge, leading to his death and later her mother’s. Desiring to destroy the sword, she creates a segmented, animated blade, only to become Soul Edge’s pawn and learn that it intends to use her as its next host. After an attack by Cervantes results in the loss of her soul, Ivy uses a temporary artificial one to keep herself alive, and continues after the blade.

Since her introduction, Ivy has been well received, considered both an attractive and strong female character by various sources, and called one of the most beautiful female characters in video games by sources such as IGN. She’s also been featured on various top ten lists regarding either subject such as Spike TV and Team Xbox, as well as G4tv’s Video Game Vixens. Scholastic studies have examined the character in the context of the series and video games in general, as well as when compared to other video game related sex symbols such as Lara Croft. Her role as a sex symbol has also been discussed by said sources and the media. Some, such as MSNBC, argue that her appearance goes “too far”, while others such as The Escapist feel it helps to define her character. via Wiki
So there they are, finest and bravest examples of females the gaming world has to offer, hopefully this list makes justice to all the wonderful fictional female characters out there, I know I left out a lot of popular ones like Aeris from Final Fantasy VII, or Faith from Mirrors Edge. So feel free to mention in the comments about all the favorites I missed.


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